FREDERICK, Md. (WDVM) — There are many famous African Americans who have helped shaped the world of arts today. Community members gathered at the Weinberg theater in Frederick Monday to learn more about black history through the seed to roots show.

“There is a lack of recognition of black history and it gets separated,” Desiree Tucker, one of the organizers of Seed to Roots said.

The second annual Seed to Root Show allowed for the younger generation to perform a dance or musical number by their favorite African American artists. It was a scene filled with a rich history at the Weinberg Theater Monday night. Last year the event was virtual due to the pandemic, and Monday night was the first in-person show.

“There are so many Black composers and Black musicians. And a lot of kids are unaware that the music that they’re dancing to, the music that they’re playing on instruments, you know, were Black musicians and Black composers,” Tucker said.

Susan Haines adopted an African American child about 14 years ago. Her daughter Talea Haines was a part of the 24/7 dance group and performed the Wiz. Susan told WDVM that she tries to support Talea in everything that she does, especially when it comes to her daughter learning more about her African American roots.

“Well, she’s curious about it for one. So she asked a lot of questions. So we try to find answers for basically. So it’s basically,” Susan said.

“This dance kind of gives me a vibe of like, all of us coming together and like dancing together and just having fun together,” Talea said.

Tricia Kennedy’s son played the piano Monday night during the show. She said she wanted him to learn about the history behind the song that he played during the show.

“Just also wanted him to understand where those roots come from, those seeds were planted a long time ago and African American music is very prominent in our culture,” Kennedy stated.

The goal of the show was to let people know that African American history is a part of American history. If you are interested in learning more about the Seed to Roots shows you can email Desiree Tucker at