CAMP SPRINGS, Md. (DC News Now) — A $3000 reward is out for the return of a dog that was kidnapped during a robbery from Metro Place at Town Center Apartments in Camp Springs.

Dimitri Curtis says when he came home from work on Thursday he noticed his door was unlocked, and when he entered, his apartment was trashed but the first thing he realized was his puppy was missing.

“I looked over to where my dog’s crate was and his door was open. He was gone,” he said. “I looked straight ahead on my couch, my couch had the cushions on my couch were on the floor, along with my blankets, and my house was just torn apart.”

He contacted his family members, went to his apartment’s leasing office, and contacted Prince George’s County Police. Curtis says he’s not concerned about anything that was stolen, he simply wants his dog back.

“This is actually my first dog ever, my first pet. I just got him not even two months ago. It’s everything,” he said. “Just return the dog, take them to a shelter. You know, just return the dog. We don’t care about any of the other items. You know those things can be replaced but the dog can’t be replaced. He means a lot to our family.”

Curtis is giving away a $3000 reward for the dog’s safe return.

Another obstacle he’s facing his apartment complex refuses to release any video footage unless police provide a subpoena. The complex also told him the footage erases after 10 days.

“It’s kind of like helping the criminals out in my mind, as far as like needing a subpoena for a crime that’s committed against somebody who’s paying almost $2,000 a month to live there,” he said. “It’s extremely urgent. You know, I’m losing sleep at night. My family is losing sleep at night. We’re honestly just looking for the dog,” he said.

Now security is a big concern for Curtis. He says the door to the apartment no longer closes all the way and the complex has no urgency to fix it.

“You can tell that they forced their way in and the complex they’re saying that I have to get ownerships approval just to get a brand new door. So I’m also trying to have to move out of my apartment as soon as possible because my door isn’t secure at night,” he said.

For now, his biggest focus is getting his puppy back.

“This is a complete nightmare for me. I feel every day I wake up, I feel like I’m still in a dream or a nightmare. I just wanted to be over with if I have the dog back. That’s all I really want,” he said.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of this dog, you’re encouraged to call (301)749-5064, 1-866-411-TIP, or Prince George’s Police Department and you can remain anonymous.