HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) — An adult day service center is expanding in Hagerstown, but the services they provide aren’t just for seniors.

The Easterseals Adult Day Services Center helps adults and seniors by providing daily care and supervision as well as enrichment and different types of therapy.

Easterseals President and CEO, Jon Horowitch, was first introduced to adult day services centers after his mother was diagnosed with cancer.

“It really enables people with significant medical needs or disabilities to stay in the community, get the medical care they need, and also get socialization, get love, have fun activities, and you know, that’s really special.”

Congressman David Trone toured the future location of the Easterseals Adult Day Services Center which will soon be the only center of its kind in the city of Hagerstown. The organization is moving to 701 East 1st Street from 101 East Baltimore Street.

Congressman Trone highlighted that he loves seeing the community come together to help adults and seniors who have “had a rough road” in life.

“Social isolationism is so hard, really hard right now with covid especially. It was already a problem, but when these folks that have Alzheimer’s, that have autism or you know, disabilities, they can come here and interact, you know, with each other. Those connections with other folks and that enriches their lives so much.”

The new Easterseals facility will be able to serve 15 new participants a day and expand their services to include occupational, physical, and speech therapies and behavioral health services. The organization works with patients as young as 18-years-old to senior citizens.

Their current facility only allows the organization to help 40 people each day. The new facility will also have a shower and a Snoezelen room which is a controlled multisensory environment. The room can provide stimulation and decompression to patients with developmental disabilities, dementia and Alzheimer’s, and other behavioral disabilities.

Carolyn Kaeser is the director of the Hagerstown Easterseals Center. She is excited about the new facility and the ability to care for more people.

“The more people we can serve, the better. One of these days, it could be us. It could be our family members that we could be caring for and we want, I in particular want, everyone to have a quality of life and I think we can provide that for our participants.”

For more information on the Easterseals, visit their website.