FREDERICK, Md. (DC News Now) — To Frederick Health, a partnership with the African American Resources Cultural and Heritage (ARCCH) Society to honor the historic remains recovered from Greenmount Cemetary is taking the first steps in righting a wrong from over 100 years ago.

Greenmount Cemetery was one of three cemeteries where African Americans were laid to rest. In 1902, Frederick Memorial Hospital bought the property and all of the graves were moved. However, in the past two decades, additional remains were found during construction projects. Those remains are now in their final resting place.

“A lot of people do not know about this history, and we want to make sure it’s out there,” ARCCH Society president, Protein Jabril said. “I felt really good about today because key people from the community were here that can go back and talk about this.”

Joan Daley Thomas is a descendant of William Daley, who died in 1968. William, along with several other people, was moved from Greenmount Cemetery to Fairmont Cemetery.

“He was one of three African American orderlies at Frederick Memorial… in I think 1990 when he started working there, and he worked there until he worked there for 43 years until my grandmother Isabelle had a stroke, and then he retired at the age of 80 to take care of her,” Thomas said.

Thomas said the dedication has meant so much to her. She said she is happy her ancestors can all be together in one place.

“It’s heartwarming because it’s a reconciliation, and it’s the righting of a wrong,” Thomas explained.

“These Black people are what made Frederick and we need to acknowledge that, and we need to tell their stories,” Jabril said. “There are so many amazing stories out here.”

The ARCCH Society will soon be building a museum to display items from the people who were buried at Fairmont Cemetery.