HILLCREST HEIGHTS, Md. (WDVM) — Leaders of the Imani Temple saw a drop in attendance because of the pandemic. But with help from an air purification company, they are hoping to change that.

EnviroKlenz created a machine that would help control air circulation in worship areas. Bishops and pastors are hopeful that their systems will provide a safe environment for all those that go to worship at their holy places in an effort to increase their attendance percentage again.

“What we are doing here tonight as pastors is taking a proactive stance in regards to addressing bad air in our facilities,” said Imani Temple Co-Founder George Stallings.

“The Indoor Air Quality Initiative is important, and we are making sure that pastors know about these machines and this technology so that the next variant that shows up will be safe in our worship space to continue to worship and to continue to do what we come to the church to do,” added Empowerment Liberation Cathedral Bishop, Allyson Abrams.

“Our leadership got together to work with a wonderful consortium to build this program to help people get back into the church and to help the community back into some normalcy,” said EnviroKlenz Business Operations Vice President, George Negron.

The consortium has a goal of reopening 500 churches in the greater Washington area through this initiative.