MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) — Montgomery County police said on Friday they did not receive any complaints about tenants at the Enclave apartments smelling the decomposing body of a pregnant woman found in the building. Residents butted back, saying that’s because their complaints weren’t being documented.

Police said the 26-year-old pregnant woman was nearly 9 months pregnant. Officials say she was shot and killed by her alleged boyfriend 31-year-old Torrey Moore. They say the murder happened a month ago and her body was in the advanced stages of decomposition.

“If the police say they didn’t receive any complaints, I can believe that, but I do find it hard to believe that the residents didn’t complain,” said tenant Tresa Welch.

Laya Kemp said she is one of the people who live at the Enclave who complained. She also said management has yet to notify them that a body was found where they live. Kemp said she called to ask when they will send a note to the community, but they directed her to contact Montgomery County Police.

“I think that is crazy because our portal to make requests has been down for two months, so even if there were requests, they could have just gone unnoticed or have not been documented,” she told DC News Now.

DC News Now contacted MCP about these safety concerns. They said there have been calls to the Enclave for shootings and possibly a homicide. Council President Evan Glass also at his latest briefing said the Enclave has been in regular touch with the department of housing about issues with management.

DC News Now tried to reach management at the Enclave but has not heard back.