WASHINGTON COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) — Come rain or shine you could always find Sarah Mason on the corner of Memorial Boulevard and Frederick Street guiding children across the street.

The enjoyment she received was evident by the smile on her face.

“I joined the police department as a crossing guard then I just continued being one I love it,” Sarah Mason said. “I love the children and I love the parents and we get along so well.”

In 59 years hundreds of children have safely crossed the street while in that same span of time thousands of cars have stopped at Mason’s direction. In fact, members of the community told us mason was there for youngsters who are now parents and grandparents of the children that she helps now.

“Most of my dealings with Sarah have just been out here and seeing her dealing with the kids in the community because she’s been such a stellar employee and we’ve never had any issues, ” Mason’s employer Randy Mills said.

Over the years Mason has won several awards, including the national crossing guard of the year. When asked about the best part of the job.

“All my children just hug me, and I love them all and the parents are just so great,” Mason said. ” I couldn’t say goodbye I just hug him and say I’ll see you around.”

Mason will be sure to see those kids around just like she made sure to see them safely across the street for nearly six decades.

Mason said she plans on using her retirement to spend time with her family and enjoy a little bit of shopping.