KEEDYSVILLE, Md. (WDVM) — A couple in Keedysville recently put up a Black Lives Matter sign on their front yard, but they later found the sign on the ground with bullet holes in it.

Karen Milgate said she went outside to get the newspaper when she discovered that the sign had been pulled up and left on the ground.

However, the sign was not only pulled up, it was completely defaced with KKK spray painted in white over the Black Lives Matter message, Milgate said. The sign also appeared to have holes in it made by gunshots, she added.

On the back of the sign, Milgate said profanity was written, directing hate to the Black community.

“It’s really quite scary and troubling. I have to say, this is no criticism of Washington County, necessarily, or maybe it is, but I’m not totally surprised. You don’t see many Black Lives Matter signs around Washington County, and I know there’s a fair amount of racism in the are,” said Milgate.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating the incident and they are urging anyone with information to come forward.

Milgate said she will be putting up another sign, because she believes it is important to show support regardless of hate.