MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — September 7th marks seven years since siblings Jacob and Sarah Hoggle went missing.

In honor of this year’s anniversary, close loved ones gathered for a candlelight vigil.

Their mother, Catherine Hoggle, was the last to see her children. For years, she has been facing murder charges but remains incompetent to stand trial. 

While their bodies have not been found, Troy Turner, Jacob and Sarah’s father, says he knows Catherine killed his kids. He adds that there is no reason there should be any discussion around dropping charges for someone who killed two children… two of her own at that.

“She’s still just playing the system,” said Turner. “I’m not saying she’s not mentally ill, I’m not saying she is not sick, I’ve had her committed myself. What I would say is this… that is not the reason she did what she did, she made a choice.”

Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy says he does not share the same opinion as doctors when it comes to Catherine’s incompetency.

In his professional experience, he has seen defendants who were not competent to stand trial when initially charged, be restored to competency through medication and counseling.

The longest he has waited for someone to restore competence to stand trial is 8 years.

“The medications have not worked in Catherine’s case, the doctors would call her medication-resistant,” said McCarthy. “She’s not been restored to competency, I remain hopeful that she ultimately will be.”

The most recent development in Catherine’s case is her appeal to have the charges dismissed was rejected.

This new ruling gives prosecutors more time for Catherine’s competency to be restored so that they can go to trial. 

Catherine currently remains at a secure mental health hospital. If her competency is not restored by December 2022, the court must dismiss the case.