FREDERICK COUNTY, M.d (WDVM) — This week marks national random acts of kindness week where people are encouraged to display unique and kind gestures to those around them.

The Frederick County Commerce is setting the example and challenging the community to follow along.

In honor of random acts of kidness week the women in business committe held a drive through event to spread a little bit of that kindnes to those who need it the most

Random acts of kindness day is celebrated as a day to encourage random acts of kindness. Anything from giving someone flowers or even giving a random person a compliment.

The Frederick County Chamber of Commerce’s Women in Business committee set the tone by hosting a donation drive thru for people in need.

“We wanted to do something in action and kind of get out and about and there was a specific need we found out through the judy centers, and they’re doing a donation next week to about 100 families across four or five different sites, Co-Chair of Women in Business committee, Amber Smith explained.”

The event featured multiple county residents and businesses bringing donations to benefit the families of the judy centers in frederick county

“We support low income families and those kinds of donations where diapers is the most one of the items that they needed and they ask most of the time because you know, provided by the food stamp or the week program show, there’s so much need, Michelle Lucena of the Judy center said.”

The event ended with more than 200 items donated, The Frederick County Chamber of Commerce is also encouraging residents to participate in their online “Be Kind Frederick” challenge.

Details about how you can help out can be found on their website.