HAGERSTOWN, Md. (DC News Now) — Clara Barton was the first nurse allowed on the battlefield during the civil war battle. The work she did later built the establishment foundation of the American Red Cross.

“Clara got her claim to fame as being one of our first responders under fire to battle at Antietam by coming up from Washington D.C following the union army arriving at the battle,” Chairman Al Martin explained.

Toby Mendez is the artist behind the monument and says Clara’s story is one that needs to be told, especially in Hagerstown.

“The viewer will see a nurse giving assistance to a soldier and what they’ll do is approach the sculpture and learn more about Clara Barton and the written narrative that will accompany the monument and the idea is to engage and spark kind of their curiosity,” Toby Mendez explained.

Fundraising is the current and final goal of the project, according to Al Martin.

“We have raised close to $590,000, so we are over 85% funded,” Martin said. “We’re hoping that when it’s finished, people will come out and visit it and enjoy the art museum, the park the cultural trail, and learn about Clara Barton’s amazing story.”

The monument is set to be done and open to the public by the fall of next year.