CLEAR SPRING, MD. (DC News Now) — Funny, kind, and bright: These are the words used to describe the three boys who died in a car crash last week.

The memorial consisted of friends, family, and classmates of the boys who spoke proudly of how they left their mark on their community.

“They were all such polite, respectful young men, and I enjoyed watching them grow up,” Carrie Steven-Stouffer said. “I love their families and their stepfamilies and I’m so sorry that they have to go through this.”

People who knew them said they were always making jokes and were fun to be around.

“I knew him through snap chat but then we got closer as friends and I went to go watch his basketball games and stuff and just we got really close after that,” Gabby Nori said.

Although this is a tragic loss for the three families of the boys, the community is making sure that they know they have a village of people to support them at all times.

“I’m just in awe by how many people showed up and are affected but I’m not surprised because it is our way,” Steven-Stouffer said.

“I think during these times it’s just important to realize what you have while you have it,” Nori said. “To not take any of it for granted.”