GREENCASTLE, Pa. (WDVM) — Clocks from a prominent antique collector Betty Jones of Hagerstown are going up for auction with one that is very special to the Hub City.

Jones passed away this year but in her collection of over 600 clocks stands a tall case clock signed by local artist, George Woltz. According to Hurley Auctions, the company running the auction of Jones’ clocks, Woltz was the 2nd major in the Maryland militia in 1776 and served as a charter member of the Hagerstown Fire Company in 1791.

Kaleb Hurley, one of the managers of Hurley Auctions, says he is honored that Hurley Auctions has the ability and privilege to sell not only the Woltz clock but her entire collection.

“So this is one of the very rare collections, you don’t see a lot of significant collections like this,” Hurley said. “So anywhere from the 1700s to 1900s, you could expect a range of her clocks to be in and so many of the clocks that we have here are antiques, and are rare, especially in our community.”

While Hurley Auctions was not able to pinpoint an exact time when Jones’ clock was built, they explained that the clock was purchased over twenty years ago from a local Hagerstown bank for $7,000. But this is not the only Woltz clock in the area.

“There are multiple that have been sold, one of them, in particular, was donated to the Washington County Free Library in 2013,” Hurley said. “So we do know there are certainly some in existence, but this is one of the only ones we have sold in our 30 years of business here at Hurley Auctions.

On top of the Woltz clock, over 600 clocks from Betty Jones’ antique collection will also be up for auction that will be held in phases with the first one concluding on December 11th.

The three-part auction will be held completely online and each phase will operate as a separate auction. For more information or to place a bid, please visit the Hurley Auctions website.