WASHINGTON COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) — About nine months ago, Comcast approached the city of Hagerstown with an offer to expand its services to Washington County.

They are now in the process of creating a franchise agreement.

“We developed an agreement that would enable Comcast to provide service but also establish fairness and competitive equity between them and Antietam,” consultant Bob Duchen explained.

If an agreement is reached and passed by the city construction could begin next year. Comcast representative Misty Allen said this project is about bringing additional options to the area.

“I think every customer regardless of the product and services loves the opportunity for choice,” Allen said. “So, with a new provider coming into town, we’re just going to provide that additional choice for our customers.”

With Antietam being around for so long, the question remains — will people really switch their cable provider?

“I like to have competition,” resident Tom Statton said. “We are pretty satisfied with Antietam, and sometimes we’d like to have more channels, and we probably look at that if Comcast came in to see what kind of channels they have.”

“We’re always looking to expand our footprint and to gain new customers when we can and as we look to evaluate the opportunity to grow our network, moving west out to Hagerstown seemed to be a really great fit,” Allen said

The city council is expected to make its final decision on November 22.