FREDERICK, Md. (DC News Now)– A complicated election recount happened today in Frederick county. It’s a council race separated by just one vote, with a legal battle looming.

A recount doesn’t happen often. Officials from the Frederick County Board of Elections said the last time there was a recount was about 12 years ago.

M.C. Keegan-Ayer sought after a recount of the results that were recertified last week by the board, but Di-Cola isn’t backing down either.

“We have seen a recount before but quite unusual that it’s only one vote threshold,” said Barbara Wagner, director of the Frederick County Board of Elections.

Wagner says this recount has a lot riding on its back.

“If the numbers change then we will reflect what the numbers show us. That could trigger another recount from the person that doesn’t have the vote-that it flips from,” said Wagner.

Jazmin Di-Cola was in the room when the recount started.

She declined to comment on camera but in a recent Facebook post, Di-Cola says she plans on appealing the disqualification ruling. She has until Wednesday to do so.

DC News Now reached out to M.C. Keegan-Ayer for comment, but have not heard back.

The next steps it could be left in the hands of the Frederick County Democratic Central Committee.

“”We have permission from the state party to expedite it because apparently the August 19 deadline is hard and fast. If we have to nominate somebody, we have to do so by that day. Given how little time we have, one of the things we’ll be looking for is somebody who is known in the community. If somebody applies who is completely unknown to us and has never been involved in a political campaign, it’s going to be very, very difficult for us to choose such a person,” said Deborah Carter, chair of the Frederick County Democratic Central Committee.

The Frederick County Democratic Central Committee has until this Friday to find a nominee.

District 3 residents who are interested in seeking nomination have until this Thursday at 8 a.m.