BOONSBORO, Md ( WDVM ) — what was meant to be a peaceful demonstration, has now turned into a community uproar.

Dan’s Pub and Restaurant is known greatly in the area, but when staff and friends orchestrated a protest in support of black lives, many community members did not approve.

The pub began recieving hate mail and some people began telling everyone to boycott their restaurant.

However, staff members continued to show their support for the movement, and continued to be vocal about their support for the black community.

The pub hosted a podcast to discuss the racial injustice that is happening in society, but some community members did not agree with the pubs views.

About a dozen people walking along Main Street and several vehicles driving past the pub held signs and honked their horns to demonstrate that do not agree with the pub supporting the black lives movement.

” If you are racist if you are sexist if you are bigoted in any way, you are welcome to not come here again, there is not a place for you here. we don’t welcome hate. so, for those people who would boycott, by all means, please do that. If you are someone who is open to discussion and looking for change or maybe you are starting to question your assumptions, please do come here so that we can talk about these things so that we can come together and have a discussion and push for change” said pub owner, Charlotte Aufdem-Brinke

Staff members say residents can expect to see the pub showing more support for black lives everyday.