FREDERICK, Md. (DC News Now) –You may soon start seeing a lot more construction on the highways out in Western Maryland — the Department of Transportation is making a record-breaking investment to fix infrastructure. Several of the projects are in Frederick County.

We learned more about the Maryland Department of Transportation’s six-year plan.

It calls for a record $19.9 billion dollar investment to develop and improve infrastructure, expand transit and support economic recovery in the state.

During MDOT’s tour this year it looked at investing in state toll roads and bridges. Frederick County was on its list of to-dos.

“We thank the secretary for funding the US15 project through the city of Frederick, but then of course we advocated for what we want to next,” said County Executive Jan Gardner.

Frederick County is asking for funding in completing:

  • The widening of US15- to 3 lanes in each direction
  • Phase 4 of the i-70 project, where I-270 merges to Mount Phillip Road
  • The Maryland 85 project, which makes improvements to the state highway
  • More funding for transit plus- a transportation service that helps seniors and people with disabilities
  • Rural transit and more bikeways and trails

“One thing to look forward to like in the very immediate future as we’re wrapping up the construction of the I-270, Maryland 85 interchange in February. We’re going through the final paving right now switching traffic and final configuration here in the coming weeks,” said Andrew Radcliffe, Acting District 7 Engineer for MDOT, State Highway Administration.

A group of Libertytown residents requested funding for more sidewalks and a connector road that would decrease traffic on route 26.

“The sidewalks in town, I don’t know when they were constructed, but there were all broken up, very uneven and they’re just not safe,” said Libertytown resident, Rick Ludwick.

Construction on US 15 is expected to start in 2025.