FREDERICK, Md. (DC News Now) — Months after settling a federal lawsuit, Frederick County Public Schools are now working to fulfill their promise to help the families affected.

FCPS will offer weekly hourlong therapy sessions to every student with a disability who was secluded or restrained between 2017-2021.

The school system must also offer each student an hour of tutoring or instructional time for every hour of class the student missed while being secluded or restrained.

A federal investigation found FCPS unnecessarily and repeatedly restrained those students over two and a half years of school.

FCPS said that accepting the services is a family decision.

About 65 families accepted the services while 54 declined. 15 students have already received academic tutoring and therapy through outside providers.

“We are working on our full culture change in our district. and we started this quite a few years ago, we brought on several board-certified behavior analysts with our experts, and applied behavior analysis and supporting trauma-informed practices to meet the needs of students. we are doing ongoing training to ensure that our current staff recognizes and is empathetic to the trauma-informed approach needed to meet the need of every learner every day, said Dr. Linda Chambers, the director of special education for secondary programs for FCPS.

Leslie Seid Margolis, the managing attorney at Disability Rights Maryland says those new services are not going to right the wrong.

“I think it’s very difficult to go back and try and somehow compensate for that. you maybe through some counseling maybe through some services because they were missing class time. I think it’s a mistake to think that you can just wipe the slate clean as it were by throwing services out there now and saying that that’s going to make up for what happened to them,” said Margolis.

There was a $600,000 budget enhancement approved by the board of education to support the services, moving forward.

The state recently passed a law that would prohibit seclusion and limit physical restraint in schools. It first started tracking this data back in 2018.