WASHINGTON (WDVM) — Children have experienced a lot of changes this past year, from not going to school, not participating in sports, or seeing their friends.

It can be a lot for a child to process, but experts say it is still very important that children maintain their social skills.

Schools typically work as a tool that helps children learn how to communicate, make friends, problem-solve, and more. However, with many children staying home and many recreational places shut down, experts say a lack of socialization with their peers can impact their mental development. 

Behavioral specialists recommend parents come up with solutions to ensure their children interact with their peers, such as, setting up zoom play dates or setting up socially distance bike rides. Anything that can help maintain your child’s social skills.

Dr. Alexander Chan, Mental & Behavioral Health Specialist, University of Maryland Extension, stated:

“A lot of kids right now are turning to things like social media and greater screen time, but if there is any way that parents can introduce a different variety that kids would find appealing is another great tactic.”

Experts also say board games are a great way to teach children how to take turns and share while problem-solving.

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