WASHINGTON, ( WDVM ) — The pandemic has changed many things, and it might change the way we celebrate holidays this year.

As everyone begins to plan for the yearly celebrations, some college students are looking forward to coming home, and enjoying a nice cooked meal.

However, with many students returning back home from college, experts want to encourage families to be cautious when welcoming back their students.

For every university, class options are different, but for the students who are involved with in person lectures, and other college related activities, experts are suggesting that families come up with a plan before students return home for the holidays.

According to Healthline News, most young adults experience little to no symptoms of COVID-19. However, they are likely to pass the virus onto older adults and other vulnerable people.

Health professionals say it is important that families communicate, and come up with a plan on how to safely integrate college students back home for the holidays.

Jill Grimes, MD, author of The Ultimate College Student Health Handbook, stated:

“We really want students to begin limiting their activities, and making sure that they’re not attending crowded functions. We don’t want these young adults bringing home the virus to their parents, so it’s encouraged for students to get tested the week before they come home.”

Health experts also suggest that student should quarantine a few weeks before coming home, and if possible, families should spend more time outdoors, however if your engaging indoors, ensure windows are open to promote ventilation.