MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — With the new year comes new laws, and in Montgomery County, a new law aiming to protect children is now in full effect.

Ezechiel’s Law requires landlords to install window guards in units where there are children ten years old and younger. The bill is named after a 2-year-old Takoma Park resident named Ezechiel Nguemezi who passed away after falling two stories from a window in October 2020.

The goal is to make sure children are kept safe and prevent any injury that can occur.

According to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, each year in the United States, 15 to 20 children under the age of 11 die because of falls from windows, and nearly 15,000 are injured.

The Montgomery County Council says Montgomery County experienced these losses and plan to make a difference with this law.

If landlords do not comply, the council says it is classified as a Class A violation, and landlords who consistently do not comply will have to pay fines that may end up being more than $500.00.

Tenants who do not see these guards being installed should call 311 or report it to Council members Tom Hucker’s office at 240-777-7960

“There are neighbors, residents in apartments, grandparents, siblings, that watch children often when a parent is out or at work, and they can request these window guards as well. The landlord has to provide them to individuals who routinely care of young children,” Hucker said.