TEMPLE HILLS, Md. (DC News Now) — A family is mourning a loss after their 13-year-old son Jayz Agnew was shot and killed. As police continue to look for suspects, Jayz’s parents said they’re fighting for justice and an end to the senseless gun violence changing the lives of many families.

“I was hoping to see him grow to be an old man, you know, have his children and you know, someone took that away from me being able to see that somebody took that from him to experience that,” said his father, Antoine Agnew.

On November 8 around 5 p.m., Prince George’s County police responded to the 2100 block of Jameson Street in Temple Hills, MD. When they arrived, they found 13-year-old Jayz Agnew suffering from gunshot wounds. He was shot in the head and shoulder.

His father said Jayz was completing his chores, raking leaves outside his home when the shooting happened.

“I heard those shots, gunshots ran outside. I found him laying right there like in front of our living room window right there. He was unresponsive,” Agnew said.

Jayz was fighting for his life at Children’s hospital for several days until he passed away on Friday.

His family left clueless about who could have done this to an 8th grader who loved science, video games, and spending time with his sister.

“I know the type of boy that this is — that he never in a million years would be considered a person that was, you know, (would) hurt somebody else or make them so upset to do this,” said his dad.

His parents described Jayz as a calm, loving and goofy person that always stayed out of trouble.

“I really liked his calm spirit and his love for life, Jayz had no limits. He never made a big deal out of everything. His calm spirit would always say my mom is not a big deal,” said his mother, Juanita Agnew.

Juanita and Antoine stressed the importance of keeping his legacy alive not only to find his murderer but to be a voice for everyone that has lost someone they loved from the senseless gun violence.

“Let’s talk about the situation. Let’s talk about the gun violence. Let’s talk about all these moms going through this let’s talk about these families that losing loved ones senselessly. This is beyond jays. You know this is beyond my little son. This is for every mom that has lost their child. This is for every family member that has lost a loved one to senseless killing. We have to do something about it. This is the time for us to come together as a community and say enough is enough,” said Juanita.

Prince George’s County Police are still searching for suspects, and they’re encouraging anyone with any information to contact police or crime solvers at 301-516-9968. You can remain anonymous, and there is a reward of up to $25,000 for information leading to the suspect.

The family had several messages to whoever took their son’s life.

“If you want to come forward, you did it, whether it’s accidental or whatever, it’s what we have to live with that you did something that really was senseless… but our child is gone, and we can’t do anything to fix this. And maybe you didn’t even mean to do it, you know, so take responsibility at this point,” said Antoine.

“I just want you to know that you’ve ripped my heart out, you’ve taken a very, very special piece of me that cannot be replaced. What you did is terrifying it’s painful, it’s wrong, wrong, wrong, and uncalled for. It just hurts, it really hurts. Just turn yourself in because of that. It’s unjust, it’s unjust, and he didn’t deserve it,” said Juanita.

A candlelight vigil will be held in Temple Hills on Friday.