MARYLAND (DC News Now) — Three days after police identified the pregnant woman who was found dead in a Silver Spring apartment, the victim’s family spoke out.

Denise Middleton, image courtesy of her family

Denise Middleton was a funny, witty, and loving person. She loved fashion, hair, and makeup. She could make an outfit out of anything. Her laugh was infectious and her jokes were the highlight of special moments. She was so excited to become a mom. She told everyone who would listen! Her heart was soooo big and she always made sure you knew she loved you. Denise was a walking book of positive affirmations. She always said the nicest things about you when she saw you. Always complimenting someone and giving out love. If you had a disagreement with her, she would make sure to make things right. Denise was so loved by her family and so cared for! We are heartbroken that this was her story and reality. We wish our efforts would have brought her back home to us. Denise and Baby Ezekiel is loved and missed by the Middleton Family. Thank you all for your prayers and kind words! This has shaken our family up but has brought us even closer! We will make sure justice is served for her and baby Ezekiel #protectblackwomen

Statement from Denise Middleton’s family

Police found Middleton’s body while searching the apartment of Torrey Moore, a man charged in a fatal shooting at a gas station.

Moore, who’s accused of killing Middleton and her unborn son, was scheduled to be in court Monday afternoon for a bond hearing.