FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — In Maryland, Frederick County has experienced an increase of COVID-19 cases, and Frederick County public schools are coming up with a plan to ensure students can safely continue their education. 

FCPS says their aim is to remain open, but they are working on contingency plans with the health department to determine what schools should do if cases continue to rise.

As of right now, FCPS says they created model plans for hybrid and virtual learning, along with A model plan in case schools temporarily shift to virtual instruction for 1-2 weeks.

The school says currently things will remain open, and they will release information when they can. 

As the for quarantine guidelines, FCPS Spokesperson Eric Louérs-Phillips stated, “For students, there’s still a 10-day quarantine process. We are in conversation with the Maryland Department of Health and we’re waiting to hear back from them, as far as whether that’s going to remain in place. We do know that based off of recent guidance from the CDC, we have changed the quarantine process for staff. Staff is quarantining for five days, and that’s really dependent upon whether they have received both vaccine shots, whether they received the booster, or if they’re in vaccinated altogether.”

FCPS says they are also working on ways to just close certain schools based on COVID metrics rather than the whole school system.

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