FREDERICK, Md. (DC News Now) –The debate over private quiet prayer was discussed in an open work session for the Frederick County’s Board of Education Wednesday.

After the Supreme Court backed a coach in praying on the field, there was a push to review how employees handle certain situations when it comes to religious freedom.

“I think that teachers should be able to express their religion as long as they’re not using it as a form of instruction or trying to influence students. you know, they’re people just like the rest of us,” said Amanda Long, a parent of FCPS schools.

Frederick County’s Board of Education is revisiting its religious expression policy after the Supreme Court recently ruled a football coach had the right to pray on the field after games.
Jamie Cannon-the chief legal counsel for the Frederick County Public Schools says they are working on what the new policy will include.

“Under the Free Exercise Clause, that would be whether an employee, during their private time during their workday, could engage in religious expression, which the Supreme Court said yes. That’s primarily what the board’s evaluating to include into their policy,” said Cannon.

”Everything is open to interpretation in today’s world, but I think when we talk about coercion from a teacher’s point of view, there’s a thin line between them as an individual, and them as an employee. Why wouldn’t teachers be able to do that as well,” said Long.

The board has not yet voted on the policy, but they will discuss it again during the October 26th meeting.