MIDDLETOWN, Md. (DC News Now) — Months after Frederick County Public Schools drew up plans to improve the campus of Middletown Elementary and Middletown Middle School, school leaders are getting ready to take the next steps to make the project happen.

“It would improve the logistics and operations on the campus and prove the good amount of green space that’s available. and one of the other big considerations is to improve traffic flow throughout the campus,” said Paul Lebo, Chief Operating Officer of FCPS.

The schools, which were both built decades ago, are due for construction updates.

One possible plan includes demolishing three existing buildings and replacing them with two new buildings.

This would place middle schoolers and elementary students on the same campus but on different sides.

Construction could take about 6 years to complete if funding from the state and county becomes available.

“We’re fortunate in that Frederick county typically forward funds our projects, which allows us to move faster,” said Lebo.

Some parents don’t agree with the proposal.

“I’d have to see the way they plan on dividing it. I would hate to see the little kids being influenced by the middle schoolers,” said parent, Mark Bradford.

FCPS will hold a board meeting this Thursday to hear from the community.