FREDERICK, Md. (DC News Now) — Saturday was only the second day of the Great Frederick Fair, and two fights broke out right in front of the main gate.

“I saw a bunch of people running, kids running, and law enforcement, and I figured somebody was trying to get into a fight,” Brian McQuillen said. “My first reaction was, oh, something bad is going on again, like every year, it seems like something happens,” McQuillan said.

In 2020, someone died after a fight between teenagers started at the fair.

On Saturday, Frederick County sheriff’s deputies were directing traffic at the main gate around 10 p.m. when they saw a crowd of teenagers gathering. The fight started, and a deputy tried to control the situation.

“The deputy started to get in to try to disperse the fight and arrest the offender, and at that time, all the people started getting involved and trying to interfere with the deputy making an arrest,” explained Lt. Jason Deater, adding that the deputy used OC spray (pepper spray) and took a teenager into custody.

Moments later, another fight started between another crowd of teens. Deater said as deputies intervened, a teenager hit one deputy in the chest. Deputies arrested that teenager.

Both teenagers whom deputies arrested face charges of Second-degree Assault and Resisting Arrest. They were released to a guardian. They are banned from the fairgrounds.

Deater said the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office and fair security are working together to make sure similar incidents don’t occur.