Very soon Washington County will join neighboring areas like Frederick and Cumberland with their first medical marijuana dispensary.

This former financial bank on Wesel road in Hagerstown will be turned into Washington County’s first medical marijuana dispensary by the Maryland Health and Wellness center.
While the building needs work to adhere to certain standards, the former bank provides a hefty security system that other facilities don’t have.

“Having a vault helps with the secure room requirements, to have maximum security several alarm systems, as well as full camera coverage on inside and outside of building,” said Scranton. 

Sean Scranton said the location is not only perfect for the security aspect, but it’s such a centralized location for the nearly 2,000 Washington County residents who are certified to use medical marijuana for different ailments. 

“It ranges from severe pain, anorexia, seizures, those types of conditions,” said Scranton. 

Scranton is from Colorado where he worked in the cannabis industry, he feels that it could have more than just an economic impact like it did in Colorado.

“We’ve partnered up with Americans for safe access to help provide more information and documentation to our patients and we are really focused on becoming a positive impact for the community,” said Scranton. 

The future dispensary has begun renovations already and the building must be approved by the State’s Medical Cannabis Commission before it can open. 

The building is under construction right now and there is no timetable for its opening.