HAGERSTOWN, Md. (DC News Now) — Inflation has caused pretty much everything to rise in price, including groceries. More and more people can’t afford the food they need.

“We gave eight food bags for the whole month of July last year and this year, we’ve given 23 bags for the month of July,” Administrator for the Hope Center Aimee Izer explained.

“A lot of it is financial struggles and just the cost and price of things,” she said.

According to the Maryland food bank, last year, eight percent of families struggled with household expenses. That number is up to 32% this year, and the Maryland food bank has seen a 30% rise in people needing food assistance.

“[There was] about a 15 to 20% increase over last summer and there’s been a lot of changes with those decreasing their snap benefits,” Theresa Searcy of the Community Action Council explained.

“A lot of the COVID money that they granted is slowing down, so there’s an increase in the need for those who are still in need of the food that we are offering.”

The growing number of families in need means food banks are now struggling to keep up.

“We will always be looking for additional sources of funding I don’t think we will have an issue stocking at some point,” Searcy said. “But, the amount that we’re able to give out may decrease a bit if we have an issue with funding or more food supplies or shortages from the food bank.”

Some food bank operators worry if something doesn’t change, families will have to start making some tough choices.

“It’s tough to see the increase, meaning more people are in need and you know, going to the grocery store and seeing how much one item cost these days compared to what it was a year or two years ago,” Searcy said.