FREDERICK, Md. (DC News Now) — Employees at Glory Doughnuts said they are frustrated and upset after the abrupt closing of the business.

“Our head baker was preparing the dough for the day at three in the morning. Our landlord came in and she said that there would be no more cooking and that she was shutting the place down,” said Kiska Greenberg, the former general manager of Glory Doughnuts.

She is one of the employees who are out of a job. She said the landlord for the building said the owners haven’t paid rent in months.

“People woke up in the morning to a post, stating that Glory was no longer open, the previous day had been the last day, and all of us realized we were suddenly out of a job,” said Greenberg.

She got one of her paychecks she was missing; however, they can’t deposit it until Thursday. She also said she along with other employees are missing paychecks.

“All of the staff of glory met up and discussed it. We had started asking our bosses about our paychecks, which were due that day asking when we would get our paychecks and they had no answer for us,” said Greenberg.

Another employee, Jaime Allen, says she had been struggling financially.

“Since I’ve recently become a single mother, it was especially disheartening for me to know that I no longer had a job, said Allen.

She’s been relying on a recent GoFundMe page to get by.

“I also didn’t have my work family to lean on for support. The GoFundMe page that we opened up, has helped tremendously and helped me to avoid eviction proceedings. It helped me to avoid my electricity being shut off and to have groceries in the house,” said Allen.

The closure has also impacted Frederick Community Fridge, a local organization that helps people in need. They shared the same property as the donut shop. Now, they are looking for a new home.

“Glory Doughnuts has been a staple in the community for 10 years now. I personally have been coming here for many years and I’ve always seen Glory Doughnuts as a community space, a safe space. That’s part of the reason why we selected this location to host the community fridge. It’s disheartening to hear their experiences,” said Ryan Kidwiler, organizer for the Frederick Community Fridge.

DC News Now, reached out to the owners of Glory Doughnuts, and have not heard back.