FREDERICK, Md. (WDVM) — As part of their American Rescue plan, the National Endowment for the arts has selected the Frederick Arts Council to receive a five-hundred thousand dollar grant.

NEA’s American Rescue plan will help the arts and cultural sector recover from the pandemic. The funds from the grant will help save jobs and to fund operations and facilities, health and safety supplies, and marketing and promotional efforts to encourage attendance and participation.

The NEA awarded grants up to $20,200,000 to 66 local arts agencies nationwide. Of those 66 agencies, The Frederick Arts Council was one of the smallest organizations to receive funds, competing with agencies in cities like Chicago and Los Angeles.

Louis Kennelly, the Executive Director of the Frederick Arts Council said, “We’re pleased to get this level it shows recognition of project and the importance of the arts here and how much we’ve supported it in the past and they trust us to do this regranting because we built up a very strong track record.”

The Frederick Arts Council will be calling out for applications so they can start distributing the funds from the grant in the next three to six months.

“We’ll make sure everyone knows about it in our newsletter in the newspaper, and we’ll send it out through e-blasts. Making sure everyone knows when that deadline is,” Kennelly explained. “They’ll fill out the application, we’ll have a committee to review those applications and then we’ll distribute the funding just as soon as we get it. So it’s efficient quick and it’s in the hands of people who need it.”

The Frederick Arts Council will be kicking off several shows in the next coming weeks. Including an art show during Thanksgiving weekend at Five East Second Street.