FREDERICK, Md. (DC News Now) — After months of debate and public hearings, Frederick County Council unanimously passed the basic Sugarloaf Plan after failing to pass the conservation-oriented overlay district.

“I think it was unfortunate that we did not pass the plan with the important conservation with the important conservation oriented overlay district,” said councilmember Kai Hagen.

With the general election shortly approaching, any new developments would be made by the county’s new council.

The proposed overlay for the Sugarloaf area would prevent any development of the nearly 20,000 acres, and prohibit uses such as carnivals, and shooting ranges.

Some council members said they’ve made multiple compromises to keep both sides of the argument happy.

The vote comes after Stronghold Incorporation — which owns Sugarloaf Mountain — threatened to close access to the public if the county moved forward with the plan.

It currently allows visitors to hike its trails and enjoy the woodland but opposed the Treasured Landscape Management Plan. It said the plan infringed on private property rights

Some neighbors who grew up in the area agreed with the proposed changes.

Jan Gardner, the county’s executive, was in attendance and expressed her disappointment with the plan.

Stronghold Incorporated has not shared how it plans to move forward now that the proposed changes are back in the hands of the planning commission.

DC News Now reached out to Stronghold but did not hear back.