FREDERICK, Md. (DC NewsNow) — In Frederick County, Maryland the Rotary club hosted a debate for the two candidates running for Frederick County executive.

Michael Hough shared his goals in dealing with overdevelopment and over-taxation to keep the county strong.

“We’re really focused on local issues, things like roads, taxes, schools, preserving our farms,” Michael Hough said.

“I want to make sure that Frederick County doesn’t become Montgomery County north, that we don’t become overtaxed and overdeveloped, like Montgomery County.”

Jessica Fitzwater discussed her plans to invest more in schools and provide more high-paying jobs.

“I want to make sure that we continue to grow good jobs here in Frederick County and work with our small business owners, that we invest in our students and schools so that we are building the next future generation of leaders,” Jessica Fitzwater said.

“I know that by focusing on these areas we can meet our vision of a wonderful Frederick County for every Frederick County family.”