FREDERICK, Md. (DC News Now)–People in Frederick say they want to see more train service during the day. They say adding service would help with their work-life balance and save money.

Advocates are pushing elected officials to expand MARC train service from Union Station to Frederick and Brunswick, along with parts of West Virginia.

Katherine Aguirre lives right outside of the marc train station in Frederick. She says the move would be a necessary one.

“I have no idea how many people really use the train in the morning, but there’s quite a few people here. It would be a win for Frederick,” said Aguirre.

The Maryland Transit Opportunities Coalition wants the trains to run all day, 7 days a week.

“There’s so many people that don’t work nine to five jobs these days. it would really make it possible or much easier to live in Frederick, without owning a car,” said Ben Ross, chairman of the Maryland Transit Opportunities Coalition.

The group is currently trying to work with CSX, which owns the railroad tracks, to build more tracks. They say it would be an inexpensive way to expand service.

“What we’re asking right now is for them to add one section of third track between on what’s called the Barnesville Hill between Barnesville and into Frederick County,” said Ross.

They also want expanded service in Hagerstown, Maryland.