FREDERICK, Md. (DC News Now) — A mural showcasing Frederick County’s greatest athletes at the Harry Grove Stadium is expected in 2025. It’s expected to be 550 feet long and 14 feet high.

Yemi Fagbohun is the artist of this new sports mural. When the opportunity presented itself to create what could be one of the world’s largest sports mural, he took it.

“I want [people] to know that my community, Frederick County, is a great community and that we are an incredible wellspring of world class athletes,” Fagbohun said.

The mural will feature 125 years of local athletic history in more than 30 sports, recognizing 5 coaches, 250 athletes and a horse.

One of them is Evan Routzahn, of Frederick, who went on to be a pro athlete.

“I ended up playing, I got a full ride to the University of Virginia, and I started four years there and then I was an undrafted, free agent with the Indianapolis Colts,” Routzahn said. “To be with all the other 250 athletes that have excelled their sports and to be honored this way, it’s truly a blessing.”

They hope the mural celebrates the rich history of athletes in the county, and leaves a mark for everyone to see.