FREDERICK, Md. (DC News Now) — With a unanimous vote by the Board of Aldermen, the City of Frederick joined more than 120 other municipalities in endorsing “Medicare for all.”

The proposed legislation would ensure health care for everyone through a single-payer system.

“The United States spends the most on health care of all developed countries,” Dr. Yewande Oladeinde, a public health adjunct professor at Hood College said. “We spend over $4 trillion on health care, even though we’re spending that money on health care, what you’d expect is that that will translate into most Americans having the best health outcome, but that’s not the case.”

The average cost of health care per person in America was about $12,900 in 2021, according to the Peter G. Peterson Foundation.

Critics question funding of the program, but supporters are focused on the relief it could provide for financial stressors.

“Everybody should be able to get health care. It shouldn’t just be for those who have enough money for that,” said Annette Breiling, a supporter of Medicare for All.

The City of Frederick believes all people in Frederick deserve high-quality care, Allen Etzler, spokesperson for the City of Frederick, said.

“Legislation for Medicare for All would move us closer to providing those high-quality benefits and coverage to every person in the United States,” Etzler said. “The Mayor and Board of Aldermen’s adoption of the recent resolution send a message to our leaders in Washington that The City of Frederick supports legislation to provide universal comprehensive health coverage for all residents.”