FREDERICK, Md. (DC News Now) — Shoppers could soon have to bring their own bags in Frederick, as the city considers a ban on plastic bags, otherwise they’ll be charged 10 cents for each paper bag.

Frederick retailers from grocery stores to boutiques and even fast food restaurants could have to move from using plastic to paper bags.

In a statement, Envision Frederick County, an environmental advocacy group, said the move is good for the environment.

Production of plastic uses fossil fuels, which contribute greenhouse gas emissions and increase climate change risks. Plastic waste breaks down into microplastics which get into waterways, soils, plants, animals and humans, presenting risks to human health and environmental well being. 

Statement from Envision Frederick County

Alderwoman Donna Kuzemchak proposed the ordinance. She said she believes people should know exactly what they are paying for. She also says it would be until the point of sale.

“We’re not getting rid of plastics completely, we’re just getting rid of that one part of plastic which really causes many, many of the issues in the world,” said Kuzemchak.

Customers could bring their own plastic or cloth bags, but would not be given plastic and would have to pay for any paper bags they use.

Chris Wolfe owns Rock and Roll Graveyard, a record store in Frederick. He said customers bringing reusable bags is a good idea.

“If they get taxed for it maybe we should get reimbursed for buying bags, but other than that, I think people should bring their own bags and stores should be supplying their own bags,” said Wolfe.

The ordinance is scheduled to be brought to a public hearing and vote on May 4th.