FREDERICK, Md. (DC NEWS NOW) — A new program from Frederick Health is aimed at helping families after mothers give birth.

Family Connects Frederick County is designed to assist with postpartum care.

“For nine months, everybody asks how you’re doing. Once you have the baby, they stop asking that question. They ask about the baby. When Jillian showed up at my house, she asked me how I was doing,” said Jamie Hodge, a first-time mom, as she referred to a nurse with the new program.

“The biggest thing for me with postpartum was I already suffered from anxiety. I was going into postpartum knowing that some part of me might be anxious about certain things and when the nurse showed up from the hospital, any question I had, she answered,” said Hodge.

As of March 30, Family Connects Frederick County, which is free, had helped 200 families. It was scheduled to help another 200 in the coming weeks.

“About three weeks after the baby’s birth, we send well-trained nurses out to do a visit, do a health check and wellness exam, and on the mother and the baby. We really want to make sure that they’re doing well postpartum and catch any issues that they may be having early, so it doesn’t become more of a problem later,” said Lori Sprecher, clinical manager of the program.

The program currently has 11 nurses who go to people’s homes.

“Having the nurses go to the home where the parents are more comfortable, it’s more relaxed, and it’s not like a hospital setting. We’re on their turf, so we know that they’re going to be more comfortable with the nurse in their home,” said Sprecher.

The hope is to expand the program and offer it to anyone in Frederick County, regardless of where they give birth.