FREDERICK, Md. (DC News Now) — Numerous traffic complaints are prompting the Frederick Police Department to add additional red light and speed cameras.

“I think it’s a good investment. I think making things slower is good,” resident William Bureau said.

More cameras could mean safer streets in Frederick and safety is driving the project, according to police Lieutenant Justin Thomas.

“The intent is to create awareness of their presence to get drivers off of their cell phones, away from their distractions, and paying attention to the roadways,” Thomas said.

The city is working with an outside company to figure out exactly how many cameras are needed and where. His division is adding two speed cameras. One near North Frederick Elementary School and one near St. Johns Regional Catholic School.

They’re also proposing two red light cameras near Route 26 and Monocacy Boulevard and at the intersection of Route 26 and Routzahn Way.

John Williamson lives in Frederick and said he’s for the cameras.

“Yes, because sometimes walking downtown gets a little dangerous with people speeding or going too fast or going through red lights,” Williamson said.

Lieutenant Thomas added the police department will communicate to the public well in advance before the cameras go live. The fine for getting caught by a speeding camera is a $40 fine, while getting caught by a red light camera carries a $75 fine.