FREDERICK, Md. (DC News Now) — During a Q&A session hosted by Frederick on Wednesday, people in Frederick raised questions about road safety, water safety and the safety of the soil.

A tanker truck full of fuel exploded nearly two weeks ago, killing the truck driver and setting nearby cars and homes on fire. One family was displaced.

“We’re about the same distance as that house that burned in the fire,” said Lamar Reese, who lives in Frederick.

People who live on Apple Avenue described Route 15 as an accident waiting to happen.

“What kind of measures are they going to take to protect the homes alone? We’ve been here 20 years, and they haven’t done anything so far,” said Reese.

City and county leaders said construction is to be expected and more answers are coming in a letter to residents.

People also wanted to know if gasoline from that tanker got into the groundwater. The Maryland Department of the Environment assured residents that they were not concerned with groundwater contamination.

“I think that it should have been something that didn’t happen. I think that they need to put up a wall barrier, or speed cameras, or even the police on the streets could actually help prevent something like this,” said Kelly Sanders, who lives in Frederick.

Officials say guardrails are being put up on Route 15 as soon as Sunday. Construction to widen the highway is expected to begin in 2026.