FREDERICK, Md. (DC News Now) — At the third budget town hall held at Gov. Thomas Johnson High School Monday night, people expressed they wanted to expand senior services including increased funding for the senior services division. They also want more education for the senior population.

Seniors make up about 20 percent of Frederick County’s population—with about 60,000 seniors living in Frederick. That’s according to the county’s senior services division advisory board.

“Senior Services Division has experienced an increased demand for information and services, especially during the last three years with COVID. They have taken on a much different nature than they had before,” said Barbara Angleberger.

County Executive Jessica Fitzwater expects there to be more funds included in the upcoming budget, so residents have raised concerns about the biggest needs in the county.

While many spoke on the need to improve senior service, other people brought up increased funding for Frederick County’s schools and affordable housing.

The County Executive’s fourth budget town hall is scheduled for this upcoming Wednesday, January, 25th at Waverly High School.