FREDERICK, Md. (DC News Now) — The Sapporo II Japanese Restaurant in Frederick is incorporating a robot to help servers with busy dine-in time.

It can deliver food and drinks as well as take dirty dishes back to the kitchen and pick up sushi from the sushi bar. Head server Uriel said the robot is a tremendous help.

“We get out things all in one go, rather than waiting and going back and forth, we want to cut that out and get food to the customer as soon as possible,” Uriel said.

Uriel said the robot’s name is Jasmine — but sometimes they call it Brandon. The robot was designed by a Korean company and is programmed to go to each table in the restaurant. Customers are pleased with the quick service and enjoy the interaction.

“We put in a button, and it goes. It either does a slow, soup deliver, which would contain waters or anything liquid so it doesn’t spill; or it would do food, which would go a little faster,” Uriel said.

The robot delivered customer Frank Paternoster’s lunch with a little help from the head server. Paternoster said he believes robot servers will be everywhere soon.

“I think with more population there’s going to be jobs like this that are necessary that people don’t want to take for minimum wage,” Paternoster said.

On special occasions, the robot will sing Happy Birthday or wish you a Merry Christmas.

Uriel added he hopes to install a Siri-like capability soon so the robot can communicate with customers.