FREDERICK, Md. (DC News Now) — A bill in the Maryland General Assembly may address a noise problem in downtown Frederick.

The neighborhood is thriving with local shops, bars and restaurants.

“I have lived downtown since 1994,” said Harvey Linn. “I am originally from Cumberland, and in my opinion, there is no comparison. Downtown Frederick is the most welcoming, inviting, low-crime town I have been in. We love it.”

But with the popularity of downtown comes complaints about excessive noise.

“It does get pretty loud at night,” said Cherry Hieronymus. “The bars are always hopping.”

A bill has been introduced in Annapolis that would regulate whether patron can bring their own alcoholic beverage — or BYOB.

“The people around here are usually pretty respectful,” said Hieronymus. “They don’t carry on too much.”

The bill in the legislature would enable the liquor board to license previously unregulated establishments. The goal is to achieve more accountability and quieter neighborhoods.

“If BYOB is regulated, it would have to be monitored by the police,” said Linn. “The legal department? The police?”

Local police and the county liquor board want stricter regulations in place.

The Maryland General Assembly will take up the bill next week. Frederick Mayor Michael O’Connor said he is seeking input from city police before weighing in on the bill.