FREDERICK, Md. (DC News Now)– The State Highway Administration is planning to put in more guardrails months after a fatal tanker explosion.

“I don’t think it’s going to do much but at least something for now will do. It’s better than nothing I think,” said Carol Kisner.

Another resident, Tim May, who lives beside the fence said he doesn’t think it serves any purpose.

“This fence is just a courtesy fence. It looks pretty,” said May.

The work will happen on the Northbound and Southbound of Route 15 between the roads of Jefferson Street, 7th Street, and Motter Avenue and on various exits and on-ramps on Route 15.

Neighbors and residents share the same ideas when it comes to getting a wall built in place of the fence and guardrails.

“It’s long overdue obviously. Oftentimes, it takes a tragedy to call to the attention which should be done,” said May.

“I think first of all it will help with sound and it’ll be more secure for the kids and houses and for the whole neighborhood,” said Kisner.

Again, we’re told the work will take a week to complete. Construction crews will be working during overnight hours, meaning traffic should not significantly be impacted.