FREDERICK, Md. (DC News Now) — Security video from the Strawbridge School in Baltimore County shows a staff member allegedly throwing an autistic student’s lunch into the hallway.

The boy with autism, Crystal Spradlin’s son, can then be seen limping. His family claims the staff member broke his left after he was restrained.

The video has been edited and does not have sound.

Spradlin’s son was sent to Strawbridge School by Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) along with other children who have autism and other special needs that require a specialized school setting.

Ashley Vancleef, one of the attorney’s for Spradlin represents parents under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

“Anytime there’s a use of restraint or seclusion and that impacts the student’s access to a free, appropriate public education, then we want to look at is there a mechanism to remedy that, that harm and that is within a filing for due process hearing under that act,” Vancleef said.

Spradlin is filing a personal injury lawsuit and a due process claim against FCPS and the Strawbridge School.

“Whenever you think about students who have had to miss school due to a restraint or have had to miss educational services, then we call those compensatory educational services that help make up for that that they missed,” Vancleef said. “There’s nothing worse than having a child who cannot communicate that you send to school every single day and comes home with a bruise and you can’t find out what happened.”

In an email sent to DC News Now, the FCPS system chose not to respond to the allegations as it is a “legal matter.”

A court date has not yet been set.