FREDERICK, Md. (DC News Now) — Investigators are confirming more about a tanker crash and fire that left the truck’s driver dead on Saturday.

Officials confirmed that the tanker was carrying gasoline. DC News Now learned on Sunday that the driver worked for CLI Transport and hauled fuel for Sheetz.

Frederick Mayor Michael O’Connor said that funding to expand Route 15 has been approved, but that project is not expected to begin until the middle of 2027.

“It’s been a transportation issue for the city and the county for more than a decade to get travel lanes in that corridor because that would provide the safest opportunity for people to easily move through that area. Both from a timing standpoint but also to address any overdue travel considerations in that corridor,” O’Connor said.

City employees said it would take a couple of weeks to replace the trees and shrubbery that was destroyed in the blast. The tanker had crashed into a tree that was placed there as a barrier. The tree kept the truck from hitting homes on Apple Avenue, which runs near Route 15.

Officials said that residents can see the Maryland Department of the Environment and private contractors near the site of the crash to remediate the area and clean the soil. They said that there was no indication that any of the gasoline got into nearby Carroll Creek.

The Frederick Church of the Brethren has also been going door-to-door to find out how they can help neighbors.