FREDERICK, Md. (DC News Now) — A new parking committee in the City of Frederick will look to address some parking problems — including parking fees, parking spaces and more. One task is replacing the Church Street Parking Garage.

“With any facility of that age, it gets to the age where it needs to be replaced,” Economic Development Director Richard Griffin said.

The parking garage, which has four floors of parking, is almost full on most days. It connects visitors and tourists with many restaurants and businesses in the downtown area.

Griffin said with the potential of one of the garages closing, the city will plan a workaround for detours and other places to park.

“We would have a place for everyone who holds a monthly parking pass to park in our system while that garage is being redeveloped,” Griffin said.

Gregg Silvis, who lives out of town, said more parking spaces could be a good thing. He had to park in the garage after failing to find on-street parking.

“I go driving around and I see ‘Oh, there’s the restaurant,’ and I couldn’t find a place to park — so I drove around again, and I still couldn’t find a place to park,” Silvis said.

Frederick resident Chris Cables agreed.

“It would just be an entire mess if the garage was torn down. It’s already starting to get warm, people are starting to go outside more. Everything’s just starting to get busier. Streets are going to get more crowded. A lot more accidents could happen,” Cables said.

After the evaluation stages, the project will then move into design. Griffin said construction could be years in the making.

Other residents advocated for public restrooms and electric vehicle parking.