FREDERICK, Md. (DC News Now) — Frederick County, Maryland now has a new business just in time for summer, bringing an option for those who want a healthier alternative to ice cream.

Jackie Kotei is the owner of Kotei Kids Shaved Ice. Her family business offers shaved ice in the City of Frederick in over 50 flavors.

“All of our flavors are organic. They’re made with organic fruits, there are no preservatives anywhere to be found and for the most part, you’re just eating things that are straight from the source,” Kotei said.

Behind the scenes, Jackie is helping her three children — Nikoi, Nia and Aiden Kotei — learn about entrepreneurship.

“So, I usually take orders and tell my dad what flavors the people want,” Nikoi Kotei said.

Her youngest children, Nia and Aiden, help out by taste-testing flavors.

“My favorite flavor is bubblegum and cotton candy,” Nia Kotei said.

With their grand opening over the weekend at the Sophie & Madigan Playground, the family also offered free face painting, hula hooping and more.

“I have a lot of sweet teeth in my mouth and it’s just so sweet and when you mix it, it’s really good because there’s watermelon and that’s my favorite flavor,” Frederick resident Sophia said.