FREDERICK, Md. (DC News Now) — A local organization, Transparency in Education, held a rally in Frederick Wednesday night protesting against the county’s Gender Identity Policy.

The policy relates to the gender identity of students in the county and aims to prevent discrimination, stigmatization, harassment and bullying of students who are transgender and gender non-conforming.

Some parents believe the policy would oppose it because it doesn’t provide any transparency for parents.

“People of faith have been so sidelined and so quiet for many years, it’s becoming very evident that if we are not boisterous or if we’re not in the streets, if we’re not confronting all the different factions, if you see that all the political operatives that are out there, that our message will be lost,” Wael Elkoshairi said.

The policy was brought up by students and adopted in June 2017 and gives students the right to:

  • Access facility restrooms and locker rooms corresponding with their gender identity
  • Be referred to by their preferred name and pronoun
  • Sports and physical education consistent with gender identity
  • Gender-neutral events

“These people here do not know the difference between sex and gender,” said Richard Kaplowitz, a supporter of the policy. “These people here believe we are sexualizing children. No, we are letting children be who they are.”

Sue Johnson, Frederick County’s Board of Education president, said she’s unsure if or when the policy committee has any plans to make any reconsiderations.

“We haven’t changed anything since 2017. I think there’s a lot more of a national conversation coming down to the local level,” Johnson said.

She also said that right now the top priority of the school board is focusing on the influx of students enrolling in the county, causing schools to be over 200% capacity.