FREDERICK, Md. (DC NEWS NOW) — A non-profit in Fredrick, Maryland is empowering art-based programs that amplify the voices and life experiences of vulnerable communities through art.

“My photo is representing people that are in the homeless population, and how we need more homes to be built,” said Teria Pittmon, a participant in the project.

The Photovoice Community Impact Project elevates the voices and experiences of people through artistic expression.

“I worked with a group of youth for over a period of six weeks, where the youth were encouraged to take pictures and share it and reflect on these issues. some of them included minority youth. some of them were Ukrainian youth refugees, and those are some of the powerful stories that you can see here on the wall,” said Laura Sherwood, the executive director of the project.

The project highlights people whose voices typically go unheard like people among the homeless population or people with disabilities.

“I chose this for the community to believe in themselves. it reminds me of don’t use diagnosis or medication, as an excuse,” said Robert Van Dyk.

The project is housed at the Delaplaine Arts Center in Frederick, Md. It’s posted as a gallery on a black-and-white collaged wall for all to see.

If you’re interested in being a part of the project, click here.